About the team

Charles Hauss


Chip Hauss is a veteran author, professor, and activist. You can buy his book on wicked problems by clicking on its cover at the bottom of this page.



Alison Sher is a writer and wicked problem solver. She is the author of the upcoming book The Millennials’ Guide to the Universe



As should be clear from our pictures, the Wicked Problems Group is an intentionally cross generational team that Chip and Alison created to help people deal with the wicked problems in their lives, however big or small.

We are not a traditional consulting group that claims to know all the answers. What we can do is help you better understand your wicked problem(s). Then, we will work with you to chart concrete steps you can take to deal with them, including helping you raise the money you might need to turn your hopes into reality.

To get started work through the steps you will find in the “your wicked problem” menu on this site and then send us your answers. We’ll get in touch and take it from there.

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