Wicked Problems 101

We decided to create the Wicked Problems Group to accompany, complement, and build on Charles Hauss’ Security 2.0: Dealing with Global Wicked Problems which will be published in September 2015.cover

For now, the site has summaries of each of the book’s chapters which together make the case that we need a paradigm shift in the way we deal with all security and governance related issues, we know roughly what it will have to look like, people are already taking steps toward turning that dream into a reality, and that we can use those initiatives as a springboard for political strategies that could put that new paradigm in place. Even before the book is published, we will add more initiatives and what we call guided experience which will walk you through some wicked problems more or less as if you were in the middle of them yourselves.

When the book becomes available, you will be able to order a copy from this site as well as from the major online bookstores. Until then, we have included its main points here and will add new ideas, issues, and strategies to wickedproblems.info long after the book itself is published.

Like the book, this section of wickedproblems.info is divided into three parts that cover the book’s thirteen chapters.

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