Mainstream analysts often reject calls for paradigm shifts in dealing with security or other wicked problems as pie in the sky idealism.

It is not. In fact, wherever you look, people are already making a difference in ways that make the kind of paradigm shift discussed earlier in this primer plausible.

Even in the direst of circumstances, there are individuals or groups who are making progress, often against tremendous odds. These are what the management guru brothers, Chip and Dan Heath, call bright spots and public health experts call positive deviants. Whatever term you want to use to describe it, millions of people around the world are taking steps that could turn dreams of a new, more cooperative approach to problem solving the rule rather than the exception.

But make no mistake about it. Few of the efforts described on this and the other pages in this section of were undertaken in order to make a paradigm shift happen. The handful that were are not big or audacious enough to have any real chance of pulling one of off. In short, there are little more than promising bright spots.

That said, almost all of them show that change is possible in part because they have unusual roots, at least for the older members of the Wicked Problems team, including the military, the corporate world, and even government bureaucracies.

For now, this section only has examples drawn from Security 2.0: Dealing with Global Wicked Problems. Over time, we will add more.

In fact, it would help us if you used the comment form to suggest one we could and should include.

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