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Working from home – student guide to using Office 365 and Satchel:One (Show my homework) to edit and submit work. Show My Homework is the market-leading homework software, used by 1 in 3 UK secondary schools, that integrates seamlessly with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. Made up of easy-to-use features that involve all key stakeholders in the homework process, Show My Homework provides schools with the tools they need to support home-learning in the most simple and effective way.

  • Set, submit and grade homework online
  • Re-use your own and colleagues’ homework tasks
  • Integrate with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams
  • View data insights on how students are interacting with tasks
  • Identify learning gaps with auto-graded Quizzes and detailed reports
  • Notify parents when students receive assignments
  • Facilitate blended and distance learning
  • Encourage organisation with student To-do Lists
  • Dedicated parent, teacher and student apps
  • Mark tasks and view results via the Gradebook
  • Differentiate homework to cater to students at different levels
  • Assign homework to individual students in your class
  • Access homework tasks made by other teachers in Community Resources
  • Forgotten your login? View tasks on the Open Calendar
  • Support students through class discussion or individually
  • Third-party integrations with Quizlet and GCSEPod
  • Attach Collins content to homework tasks

Facilitate blended learning

With Show My Homework your school has immediate access to powerful distance learning tools, making it easy to combine in-person teaching with online-centred learning. Teachers can set remote Classwork instantly, notifying learners of work to complete via Satchel One.

  • Integrations with tech leaders, Microsoft and Google, makes blended learning even more powerful
  • Assign Classwork online to students working from home
  • Teachers can see how many students have viewed work and completed assignments
  • Students can message teachers directly for support with tasks, or begin a task discussion with their peers
  • Parents can see assigned tasks via the parent app
  • Be ready to switch to distance learning, should the need arise, at any time

Support student development

Show My Homework helps teachers to create rich, meaningful homework that engages students and appeals to a wide range of learning styles. Access to a variety of different task types helps keep learning fun for pupils and keeps them engaged.

  • Differentiate homework for different abilities
  • Assign individual homework tasks to students in your class
  • Identify gaps in learning with self-marking Quizzes
  • Provide feedback and support to individuals
  • See how students are engaging with homework tasks
  • Students can support one another on tasks with Homework Discussion

Using Show My Homework alongside Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams

Satchel is both a Microsoft Partner and Google for Education Partner. Show My Homework works seamlessly alongside Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams to make homework management simple and powerful.

Clever integrations and complementary functionality means the combined use of these tools help to give your school community the ultimate online learning experience.

These integrations link Show My Homework and Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams’ learning platforms together intrinsically, helping to save teacher time and create a powerful learning experience for students.

Image showcasing how Satchel One works alongside Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams


  • Increase parental engagement in student learning by notifying them when tasks are set on Satchel One and shared to Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams
  • Save time and share best practices across your school with easy-to-reuse homework tasks and access to Community Resources
  • Have a clear view of how homework is performing across the school with detailed reporting and student insights
  • Create a more personalised learning experience for your students and provide thorough feedback and support with combined use of Satchel One and Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams
  • Enjoy access to all the tools and features your school needs to provide a complete distance and blended learning experience


  • Import tasks from Google Classroom direct to Show My Homework or easily share tasks to Microsoft Teams
  • Students can submit work to Show My Homework via OneDrive and Google Drive
  • Schools can change their default submission method to either Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams
  • Attach Google Drive or OneDrive documents to assignments
  • Open Google Drive and OneDrive documents via the Assess tab for quick access to marking
  • Add live lesson links from Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams to Satchel One’s Timetables
  • Use either your existing Gmail or Office 365 email address to sign into Satchel One
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