Transpartisan Review

This is a short, brief post announcing a new publication, The Transpartisan Review which was launched on inauguration day here in the United States. It is an attempt to find common ground and forge cooperative solutions to the many problems facing the United States in these divisive times.]TTR1_Cover

I wrote one of the articles in the initial issue in which I explore a reframing of foreign policy around cooperation, competition, and conflict which a number of us in the national security and peacebuilding communities have been exploring in recent years. Instead of leaving us stuck in a spiral that leads us from peace into conflict and then into war, it allows us to see far more options and nudge the way we deal with those we disagree with in a more helpful direction.

The review itself s an effort by a number of activists who have been working on these issues for some time on their own and through the Bridge Alliance and its many member organizations.

Like many Americans, I have not been happy with the way political life is heading in my country. This is one of the few initiatives I’ve seen that help us try to find constructive solutions to the wicked problems our country and our planet faces whose causes and consequences are so inextricably intertwined that we cannot solve them separately, quickly, or easily–if we can solve them at all.

It’s not just the transpartisan community. Increasingly, we are seeing people on the left and on the right seeking ways out of the gridlock and anger that are at the heart of political life these days not just in the United States but in much of the rest of the world as well. For example, Arthur Brooks, CEO of the conservative American Enterprise Institute struck similar themes in a presentation he gave on the transition to the new administration at the United States Institute of Peace last week.

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